The 11 word secret to writing winning headlines (part II)

How to channel this secret so your next winning headline practically writes itself

Dear Reader,

Yesterday, I gave you one of my most heavily guarded secrets to writing winning headlines.

Today, I’ll show you how to apply it.

So that when it comes time to sit down and write...

You’ll have an easy to use mold that you can pour your idea into...

And pop out a masterpiece — which will have a far greater chance of pulling a bigger response.

Btw, in case you’ve missed it...

Click here to read Part 1.

Read that post before you read this one. It will give you context in case you somehow landed on this page by mistake.

Now, where did I leave off?

Ahh yes, I was going to tell you HOW to inject more proof into every headline you write.

It’s actually super easy.

But instead of just telling you — and risk having a skimpy 100 word post — I’d rather show you.

Since there’s no better way to learn than with an example...

I’ll illustrate my point by sharing a few examples of headlines with and without proof.

So let’s get going...

This was a headline I found while browsing the internet...

100 Healthy Raw Snacks & Treats

As you can see, this headline is about as limp as a soggy biscuit.

It’s lifeless. And it’s not even a full claim. It’s just... a statement.

There’s no promise.

In order to keep up with today’s low attention spans...

You gotta GRAB your prospects by the throat!

You gotta shake ‘em up!

Let’s see if we can make a bolder promise... and inject some proof into it.

Women everywhere are going crazy for...

The 100 Day RAW Snack Challenge

The safe, fast way to drop 3 dress sizes in 100 days — while eating the most nutritious, well-balanced diet on the planet

Much better.

As you can see, the main promise is now an engaging challenge.

It’s more interactive.

The subhead let’s the reader know, “Hey, it’s safe... and well-balanced!”

And the 100-day time limit implies ease.

Because let’s face it...

Everyone wants an easy solution.

Moving on...

How To Manifest What You Want Even If You’ve Failed Many Times In The Past


It’s obvious the writer is using a template...

But you can’t do that nowadays. It’s harder than ever to copy a formula and have it work on today’s skeptical prospects.


Because they’re used to seeing thousands of ads every day.

They won’t pay attention to something like this.

What’s more, this headline is an example of an empty promise.

What do I mean by empty promise?

I mean it has no backbone.

It’s WEAK.

You can blow it over with a single breath.

So how do we make it strong? Well for starters...

Ask yourself the 11 Word Secret: what proof can I add to make my headline more believable?

How about this...

Discover how 7,938 everyday Americans are finally able to...

Manifest Their Wildest Dreams

Will you be next?


Isn’t that more reassuring?

We’ve credentialized the claim by injecting social proof into it.

If you’re a prospect, and you’re reading this headline...

Wouldn’t you think, “Hey, if 8k average Americans are doing it... there’s a good chance it’ll work for me.”

Now don’t get me wrong...

This is great if you can say it with an honest face.

But if can’t...

DON’T make such a claim. Don’t make your claim a blatant lie.

Becaues if you do, it’s fraud...

And you’ll risk going to jail if you publish such a headline.

Onto the next one...

Learn the Thai Alphabet and Numbers Effortlessly with:

“60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet”

Results 100% Guaranteed

Sometimes the best way to add proof to a headline... is with a strong guarantee.

Think about it...

If you’re so certain about your product...

Wouldn’t you put everything on the line to prove that it works?

How about this edit (it’s more specific)...

Veteran linguist specialist and best-selling author gives you...

The 60 Minute Thai Alphabet Cure

Discover a foolproof way to master the Thai alphabet in as little as 60 minutes ... full refund + $200 if you don't!

There. Much better.

It’s not just some bum who’s teaching you the Thai alphabet...

It’s a Veteran Linguist Specialist. (Whatever that means)

And he’s so confident in his method, he’ll give you $200 to prove it.

It sounds way more legit!

And now, to wrap this post up...

Let’s take a look at a great proof-driven headline. It’s for a Clickbank product that’s been KILLING it in the marketplace.

To the woman constantly giving in to her hunger cravings:

Discover the Secret West African Red Tea

Proven to Stop Hunger Cravings in Their Tracks & Help You Shed One Pound of FAT Every 72 Hours!


Look at all that proof!!!

Do you see how much more powerful you can make a headline by injecting it with proof?


Proof isn’t the only element you can use to boost response. There are many others.

But when it comes to persuasion...

Proof trumps them all.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to think up of proof-injecting headlines on your own.

Tell you the truth, it’s one of the most frustrating (and time consuming) aspects of writing an ad.

Luckily, you don’t have to struggle with it anymore.

Because for the next 10 days...

I’m opening my doors, and helping a select handful of people come up with unique ways of injecting proof into their headlines.


And find that overlooked nugget of proof for your next ad...

Then I urge you to get in touch ASAP.

I’d love for us to work together on your next project!


Jordan Winslet

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